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302 Photography Studios

302 Photography is a small photography company (Christian-owned) located in northeast El Paso. We are the only storefront studio in this section of the city. We have two main photographers, Marcie and Valerie. Thanks to God's favor and blessings, their combined skills and experience these two are able to live their dream. Also note, they attend training twice/year. These ladies bring photography to another level. The experience is like no other. Try it for yourself.

Valerie Lopez

black + woman + hat + photography

Photographer | co-owner

I have always enjoyed photography. I remember my very first film camera; it had no flash and you had to manually install the film after unrolling it a bit.

Through my years of adolescence I would take pictures of everything. I have more pictures of others than I have of me in the pictures, and wanted to go into photography.

I am now experienced at capturing the natural beauty of people, putting their joy, focus, and movement on camera is my pleasure. Being able to do that with a friend and partner adds fulfillment to my career choice.

302 Photography is my avenue to continued growth in photography. I have photographed families, college football teams, individuals, business organizations group photos and many different events. Photography is my career of choice.


Photographer | co-owner

I began taking pictures as a child using a Polaroid camera – the one that spits out the photo in front of the camera and the film/picture develops in front of your eyes. Once I saw that I was good, I started to take pictures of people in my family and other things that a typical 9-year-old may not see as fitting for film.

I finished my Associates in Visual Communications where the focus was on graphic design, drawing, videos and photo manipulation. I loved it and continued to take photographs of events and people as a hobby and sometimes manipulate them for fun. My career with the newspaper led me to be a photojournalist, which broadened my photographic portfolio.

To date, I have photographed maternity & babies, children, families, Harlem Globetrotters basketball, track and field, SHOWTIME Boxing Championship events and individual portraits. I have a passion for working with youth and love making them look like they belong in a magazine! Plus, they think I'm funny (a good trait to have to capture natural smiles).

I love photography because it's artistic in nature and art is what moves my soul to pursue living life to the fullest! 302 Photography is my dream and it is nice to share that dream with a partner who also shows passion about her work in the field.

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